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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Tip: Use a Busy Bag Box

((photo of one of our boxes with name spelled out in stickers on the lid))

Children love ownership and adore the chance to be responsible.  Help them foster these feelings by having a Busy Bag Box to hold all of their Busy Bag activities.  

We use a series of several tubs with five bags in each for each day of the work week.  After they play with a bag on, say Monday, it gets moved to an empty tub and is reintroduced a few weeks later. With two preschoolers playing and multiple tubs, we decided it was best to label and we let the boys use some scrapbook stickers to decorate their name on their boxes.  Your child can also be encouraged to color or draw on their box as an additional craft!

Multiple boxes are great so that bags don't become 'boring'.  Plus, the nice thing about most activities is that they can be tailored and adjusted to make the activity more challenging after the basic skills are built!

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