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Master list of Busy Bags and Sensory Kits

List of Busy Bags by Age
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NEW! Sensory Kits:
Themed kits are ready and available! View all here. Include 9 activities all in one kit. Choose from CARS, Tinkerbell, Princesses, Hello Kitty, and Thomas the Train.
Updated 4.3.15

Basic Toddler Bags:
(2 year olds to 4 year olds – as well as some mature 18 month olds)
Alphabet Match-up
Letter Match-up ~ color wheel with clothes pins (details in new post coming)
Match Me Cards
Straw Beads - a lacing activity - link added 4.12.15
Big & Little sort - with a Button Snake! - link added 5.18.15
Color sort (details in new post coming)
Animal sort (details in new post coming)

Beginner Bags:
(3 year olds to 5 year olds – and for mature 2.5 year olds)
Rainbow Bright
Classy Colors
Pop the Popsicle
The 3 P’s
Mr. Push It
Bead Threading - added 4.3.15
Letter Match-up ~ color wheel with letter beads (details in new post coming)
Clothes Line (details in new post coming)

Advanced Bags:
(4 year olds up to 6 year olds)
Pop the Popsicle (using the harder words on the sticks)
Toothpick Trace
…more coming soon!

Be Safe.
Note that this is based upon my own opinion and experience with preschoolers. All children are different – some 2 year olds learn by putting things in their mouth while other 2 year olds are very trustworthy. Also, some second-born or third-born kids are exposed early-on to smaller objects and have a quicker understanding of appropriate use. For the notes given below, please use the following ideas with your individual preschooler in-mind!

Please be aware that these contain small parts that can be a risk for unsupervised small children. Take time to educate your child on appropriate use to reduce the risk of choking, suffocation or other injury.

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