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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Classy Colors busy bag

Classy Colors busy bag
The bright colors of this activity bag definitely draw me in! …I don’t know about my boys, but at least I want to do this game! Ha!

There are several versions of this activity and there are several ways to play so that it is best suited for your preschool user.

To start, we took a paint chip strip and selected the main color and one shade lighter then chopped off the other ends. 

Then, we took a duplicate of the paint chips and cut them down to size to fit onto the tip of a wooden clothes pin and glued it down.  And ta-da!  The game is ready! It does take a little while to cut and paste but it’s easy.
shades example - classy colors

The game is titled “Classy Colors” because it’s a game of CLASSifying colors….sorting and putting into like groups and same orders. When you look at a paint chip strip, it’s easy to see differences in the shades of color.  When you take away the point of reference and just have a small piece of color on the clothes pin, it’s actually somewhat hard to differentiate the color!

To play, hand the child the strip of colors.  In this case, we are starting with a strip of just two colors.  If you want to challenge an older child, say 4 to 6 years of age, and you have a lot of clothes pins, you can simply use the entire strip. Plus this will result in longer game play.
sample of Classy Colors

Next, hand the child the clothes pins.  If it’s their first time playing, I strongly suggest that you model your thinking pattern so they fully understand what to do. Hold the color chip on the clothes pin tip down to a paint strip and literally say "Does this color match? Yes. Does this shade match? No." Then repeat until they can see how to classify the colors.

Once the colors are matched and their "Busy Bag Time" is up, the activity can have a very quick clean-up! Yay for kiddo and yay for Mommy!

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  1. This is brilliant! What a great idea. Thanks!