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Friday, February 17, 2012

Small & Large motor skill activity: BOXES!

When young children receive a present, many times the box the present came in suddenly becomes more interesting than the actual gift!

As noted in an earlier post, we’ve been busy playing indoors this week and we try to build upon a variety of skill sets using different items around the house. Since we received several large boxes this past week from packages that were delivered, we decided to use the packaging as part of our motor-skill development.

For the small motor skills, Little S colored all over the box.  I created with him and showed him how to draw basic shapes and wrote our names to emphasis letter memorization.

And then it became a fun large motor skill activity when he played with his creation!  At first it was a car then it was a train and then a spaceship and finally used as a good hiding spot.
imaginative play
It was also good entertainment for the baby who was having fun just laying on the floor watching his big brother play!  Now that he’s 5 months old, the little guy is learning ‘object permanence’ and really got a kick watching his brother play peek-a-boo with him and the box! 

Today, we’ll get big brother J in on the fun and have him push around Little S in the box to wear off some energy. Yay!

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