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Preschooler Activities

Every week we will feature a variety of ideas for play with your little ones. Since time on the Internet is sparing due to, previously mentioned, little ones, here is a quick list of the series of posts for your browsing convenience. *wink* can be a rock star mom AND be inspired with your playtime!

Thanks for visiting the site and be sure to let us know about how you used these ideas with your own preschoolers!

Upcoming Series:
Featured in August --
1. Crafts with paper products
2. Crafts using tissue paper

Featured in September --
1. Crafts using hand prints and/or foot prints
2. Crafting with food...ways to create using items from the pantry

Featured in October --
1. Cooking with Kids: Spooky Fun Ideas!
2. Crafts that coincide with popular preschooler books

As we prepare for future posts, please comment and let us know what activities you are looking for with your preschooler and we'll work to create a new series.
If have your own inspired activities and would like to be featured here, please email me at

As the Activity Series are completed, check back here for an overview of already posted activities to inspire, even the tiniest of hands!

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