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Thursday, March 1, 2012

More ways to play ~~ Classy Colors busy bag

alternate upclose of text - Classy Colors

As noted in the original post for the Classy Colors busy bag, there are several ways to play with this activity to make it more challenging. 

We did just the two portions of the paint chip strip but I’ve seen photos of the activity using the entire strip.  This requires quite a few clothes pins which also means a larger storage bag…and you know me, I’m all about having the activities fold down neatly and in small containers!!!  Maybe when my 4 year old gets tired of the activity, we’ll modify it in this manner.

Additionally, since my 4 year old knows letters and numbers, I included portions of the text on the chips glued to the clothes pins; showing words and/or numbers. 

upclose - word example of Classy Colors

NUMBERS: After he tires of matching color shades, the game can become harder by having him use the clothes pins only and sort by ascending numbers on the clothes pins tips only.  Again, using just the small paint chip on the clothes pin tip is much harder than visually seeing all the shades next to each other along the strip.

LETTERS: Or we can have him do a ‘letter hunt’ and search for certain letters on the clothes pins or he can try find only the pins with letters in his names or anything similar.

ORDER: The paint strips can also be adhered to one long paint strip in whatever order you would like.  Just glue the actual strip to another longer strip.  This way you can have the child focus on only certain colors versus playing with a whole variety of smaller chips.

If you do decide to make this activity, please comment and let us know what you do and what works for your preschooler!

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