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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Calendar of events: Preschooler fun in March with National Holidays

Last year, we had a wall calendar that listed a bunch of really obscure national holidays. Many are pretty silly but it gave me an idea:
We could use the theme from the funny holiday to be our inspiration for learning and our activities for the day! 
National Ice Cream Day, anyone?? *wink*
Here are the nationally recognized holidays for this month: 

Dr. Seuss's Birthday - 2nd
Dentist's Day (& Oreo cookies were sold for the first time in 1912) - 6th
Barbie's Birthday (in 1959) - 9th
Daylight Savings Begins - 11th
Potato Chip Day - 14th
St Patty's Day - 17th
1st Walk in Space Day - 18th
1st Day of Spring - 20th
Toast Day - 23rd
Doctor's Day - 30th

We'll try to post photos during March of activities celebrating the different holidays.  As always, we'll include our daily play with Busy Bags for the preschoolers plus check back for posts about our adventures in cooking and motor-skill-building.

I already know that for St. Patty's Day, we'll have our 3rd annual Green Eggs And Ham Brunch with Grandma!  MMMmmm!  I'm hoping some of these new activities we do this year will be worthy of becoming fun annual events that create fond memories for my kiddos. 

Do you know of any other holidays this month? What does your family to make celebrations eventful?

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