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Friday, March 2, 2012

Activity ideas: Dr. Seuss day with a FREE activity book

With it being Dr. Seuss' birthday and with all the hype about the new movie, The Lorax, there are all kinds of activities to be had!

Energy Star is offering a FREE activity worksheet based on the book and you can download a copy or request a printed copy to be mailed to you!  Here is the link for the Join The Lorax activity book page.
They also have other resources on energy savings.  We've requested ours!

Here are some other ideas for activities based on books by Dr. Seuss:
>> Try 'green eggs and ham' -- mix food coloring in with your eggs and enjoy!  We do this every St. Patty's day.  (Tip: A little blue food coloring in yellow eggs STILL makes green eggs...weird, huh?)
>> Read "Mr. Brown Cow Can Moo, Can You?" and go on a 'sound scavenger hunt' to talk about all the noises heard inside and out.
>> Read "Oh The Places You'll Go" and pull out an old printed map or pull up a Google map online -- then plot out a journey to where you and your little people can go!  Since maps aren't used on a daily basis for kiddos, they are a wonderful tool for education and communication!

Does your family enjoy Dr. Seuss? What activities did your family do this week?

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