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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Play-Doh = Play-Quiet

DSC_0586 (800x532)
Play-doh.  Honestly, it annoys me.  If you squish it, you get gunk in your nails.  If you kneel in it, your pants get stains.  If you don’t keep it collected in an area, little bits end up in the weirdest places and dry to the floor. Yuck!

But in my house….play-doh means quietness. My preschoolers just love to use their fingers to create on their own. We have a ‘bag of playdoh’ that came with plastic scissors, several shape-cutters and a rolling pin as well as a few other items to push/shove/squish. This past week, playing this activity hit the spot!
DSC_0580 (800x532)

Do you have any tips for playing with play-doh? And do you have any tips for getting it out of the carpet? *wink*

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