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Friday, January 27, 2012

Snip-A-Chip busy bag

upclose of snip a chip
This activity is so simple yet so varied in play and great for a variety of age levels!!!
The photo above is an up-close shot of the paint chips with different products holding each 'color swatch' together. Included in the activity bag is one O-ring, one pipe cleaner and two ribbons. The child can string the paint chips (with hole in top corner) on any of the tools that they would like.

For this activity, there are many ways to play. For the non-reader child, the adult can ask them to select their favorite colors and string on a tool. For those who know their letters, the adult can ask the child to look at the titles of the paint chips and find the letters in their name or each letter of the alphabet and so on.

When I presented this bag, both my 4-yr old and 2-yr old were drawn to this activity that I just let them free play which lasted 20 minutes of just exploring each item and how they fit on the different tools! And this bag is so easy to tailor to your child’s color interests as well!!
example of Snip A Chip

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