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Monday, January 30, 2012

Alphabet Match-up busy bag

Alphabet Matchup busy bag
This activity is pretty straight forward – give the alphabet sheet to the child then the letters and let them match up.  But there are actually several ways to play!

To start, we usually dump this bag onto a cookie sheet since the letters are magnetic and will stay on the page better with the metal sheet underneath. Then let the child match the magnet letters to those on the paper.  Another way to encourage color recognition is to have the child place all the yellow letters first, for example.  Or you can work on letter recognition and ask them to only place the letters in their name.

This is a favorite busy bag because of how quick it is to clean up! Once done, swipe into the bag and close shut!  Ta-da! Maybe that’s why I love these bags so much...or maybe because the bags fold down so small (making me feel like there is somehow more space in my small house *wink*); or maybe because it’s a tool to learn and doesn’t include electronics; or whatever the reason, I just enjoy these activities just as much as my kiddos do!
finished product example

The criteria for all Busy Bags includes the following:
> non-messy and/or quick clean up
>totally independent in use
>reusable products
>and interesting enough to last 15-30 minutes

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  1. can you tell me where you found the letter sheets? did you make them yourself? I can't seem to find anything with the letters printed like your photos show - all I can find is the blank paper to write them yourself (which I can do, but my handwriting isn't the best).

  2. You can find that found if you search for free fonts and you should be able to find one to install (which you can also search on the net to find out how depending on what version of window ...etc....) then you can print them to say whatever you want using any word processor.