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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sensory Kits are rice plus toys and kids love them ...say what the what?

Thomas the Train Sensory Kit

After Pinterest first came out, I found several ideas for my Preschooler Playtime Board all related to using a bucket filled with rice plus random items.
...something called 'Sensory Kits'.....
My thoughts went something like this -- "So rice which is an every day item and easy to vacuum up without much regret plus a spoon or magnifying glass and just bonus stuff to sort though.  
What???? No way. And kids like this? Say What?? Shut the front door."

Yes, my thoughts exactly....until I made my own and gave it to my littles...who played for an hour.  
(Again, SayWhat???) Here they are at ages 2 and 4. We practiced stringing, lacing, sorting, color recognition, and more. Then we dumped it all back into the box and did it again!!

We did have a mess of rice on the floor but for a momma who hates playdough and little boys who hate writing, we needed a non-electronic activity to encourage fine motor growth and finger strength. 

I searched all over and found lots of 'themed' kits and then made up my own!! 
My boys enjoy the movie CARS as well as Thomas the Train so these kits are their favs. 
And since I have several nieces plus lots of friends with little girls, I came up with sets for Disney Princesses, Hello Kitty and Tinkerbell. 

Priced at just $20 and it comes with an instruction sheet to guide you through several activity ideas!
(plus shipping) Email to order!

Feel free to search my pages on Pinterest
For more awesome sensory kit ideas, here are 3 of my original favorite pins about sensory kits!

1. This sensory kit would work well with the ABC Busy Bag and rice from a sensory kit!

2. This kit would be fun with the tweezers Bead Threading Busy Bag!

And 3. We now use a cookie sheet under our sensory box to catch the rice...and how cool would it be to have rainbow rice!
Here is how to dye rice from

Please comment below with any pins you love and want to share with us!!!

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