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Monday, April 6, 2015

Buttons for toddlers means: sorting, sizes, drawing and picking up!

While momma made art with buttons to celebrate the beginning of our local ball season.... two littles spent their time sorting buttons.

And while we were being crafty, I spent time with them asking questions about size and color and textures. 
My 3year old asked if he could draw so we practiced making lines then putting buttons on his drawing. Teaching him to write has been harder for me since he's a lefty--so if he asks to write, I give him whatever is available and tell him to go for it!

Then my 20-month-old kept me on my toes and decided to dump buttons from the glass jars then tried to roll the jars along the floor.  These jars held jam my grandparents used to make and are probably 30+yrs old so we quickly changed pace by sorting buttons into egg cartons.  
Never a quiet moment in this house of 4 boys!

As always, keep a close eye when using buttons around little ones. I'm obviously on the floor playing right along with them. :) 
Any other ideas of what you have done with buttons for your kiddos? Please comment to share!

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