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Monday, May 7, 2012

Movin’ Mondays — crazy hats!

There is something about hats that seems to draw in children.  It’s as if wearing hats allows the preschooler the chance to be something different or to be somewhere else. None of my boys actually like to wear a hat for it’s real intent but they enjoy playing with them from time to time.  Plus, when you have silly ones like this, that makes play even more fun!
photo (1)

We have a basketful of ball caps and fishing hats in our hall closet (which is funny because none of us wear hats more than once a month or so!).  Instead of just letting them collect dust, every so often we pull out the basket and let the boys have at it!  They get so tickled seeing each other try out the different sizes and styles.  Some get stacked on-top of each other while others inspire them to suddenly act like they are out hunting or wherever their imagination may lead!

What’s your "Moving” activity to start the week? 

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