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Monday, January 16, 2012

Why - Where - and a Welcome!

Why sell items that other parents can make?

To start, it’s hard for ANY parent of preschoolers to find time to sit down and make crafts. Plus, if you buy the supplies for just a handful of these bags, you’ll easily spend over $70 and have a lot of wasted leftovers (I know from experience!).
The joy of ordering from Busy Bag Central is that you can have activities that are appropriate and interesting for YOUR child without high cost, without time wasted shopping, without sleepless nights due to research and creating, and without waiting for the next bag swap group.  Let us do the work for you!

The criteria for each bag are: 
non-messy and/or quick clean up,
totally independent in use, 
reusable products, 
and interesting enough to last 15-30 minutes.
All busy bags are made in a clean, cat-free, smoke-free environment. And since they are hand-made, some items will occasionally vary (color of ribbon or button size, etc).

>Kits can be tailored to your child’s unique interests (colors, shapes, etc).
>Use of these kinds of activities increases a child’s attention span. By giving your little one(s) a planned activity and requiring them to stay with it for a set period of time, they learn to focus and learn to self-entertain.
>Let us create for you! We do take special orders so that you don’t have to loose countless hours with activity research….let us know what is of interest and we’ll create for you!
>Use of the slider-topped plastic bags. You need them because:
            1. Little fingers can easily operate the open/close zipper fostering self-help skills
            2. Users can see through and identify the activity without disturbing the contents.
            3. Bags ‘file away’ easily in a box, purse, or bag without fear of spilling.

1. Where can you buy: in-person using paypal (I can invoice directly)
2. On the hand-made craft site called Etsy: 
Shipping - I always attempt to charge only the basic fees for postage and packaging ONLY.  Combined shipping for multiple orders is accepted and will generally run $1 per added item. If enough items are ordered to fill a flat-rate USPS box (5 or more items), then this cheaper option will be chosen.

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